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Discover your local Commonwealth wood this autumn

Published on: Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Discover your local Commonwealth wood this autumn

Local people are being urged to take up walking and discover the stunning autumn colours and wildlife that can be found in their local wood.

A network of 14 Commonwealth Woods in and around Glasgow was set up to provide a lasting legacy of the Commonwealth Games while encouraging people to explore their local wood and get active outside, learn and have fun.

There is lots to see and do at the Commonwealth woods including walking, cycling, picking blackberries or collecting leaves and pine cones that have fallen from the trees.

Free activities to enjoy in your local wood this autumn

Forage: Juicy blackberries can found growing on thorny shrubs called brambles along the edge of paths. These provide a lovely snack as you walk, or take some home with you to turn into jam.

Foliage: As autumn arrives, our trees start to prepare themselves for winter. There is not enough light in the short days which results in them losing their leaves and changing colour. It is then that we see the orange and yellow colours.

Family Woodland Scavenger Hunt: How many of these autumn treasures can you find and collect on your woodland walk?

• A tough or shiny evergreen leaf that has been shed
• The sound of a nut falling to the ground
• An acorn in its cup
• Fallen pine needles
• A shiny conker
• A leaf with teeth
• A pine cone (thick woody scales or bracts)
• The sound of the wind in the tree tops
• A fallen twig covered in moss or lichen
• 10 leaves each with a different autumn colour or shade
• The sound of an animal rustling in the dead leaves or undergrowth


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