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Four volunteers from Dunbartonshire awarded Commonwealth Games legacy tickets

Published on: Sunday 27th July 2014

Four volunteers from Dunbartonshire awarded Commonwealth Games legacy tickets

The hard work of four volunteers who dedicate their spare time to maintaining a community woodland in Dunbartonshire have been rewarded with tickets to the country’s biggest multi-sporting event.

Joanne King, Peter McFarlane, John Coleman and Alan Kerr are the driving force behind ensuring the Kilpatricks, one of a network of 14 Commonwealth Woods in and around Glasgow, are well maintained.

The Kilpatrick Hills, including Lang Craigs and Overtoun Estate is part of a 2014 legacy project led by the Forestry Commission Scotland, with partners including the Woodland Trust Scotland who own the land.

Roy Barlow, site manager, said: “Our volunteers dedicate their spare time, often juggling full or part time employment, to the upkeep of one of the most beautiful parts of the Scottish countryside. It’s an inspiration to see how enthusiastic the volunteers are on maintaining a natural asset on their doorsteps for hundreds of people to enjoy all year round.”

The Woodland Trust Scotland has planted a total of 200,000 native trees at Lang Craigs to create a dedicated Commonwealth Grove. The volunteers were instrumental in ensuring school children and local people helped plant 10,000 of the trees, which will provide a physical legacy of the 2014 Games.

Some of their other roles include wildlife and plant monitoring that shows how the habitat is changing year on year, on-site patrols, recording visitor numbers and picking up litter.

John Coleman has been volunteering for six months. He said: “I’ve spent most of my life walking the surrounding area, in particular Lang Craigs, so I have very good local knowledge of the natural and archaeological history of the site and felt it was beneficial to pass this on. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering; it’s great to do something you enjoy.”

Cabinet Secretary for Sport and Commonwealth Games, Shona Robison added: “It is great to see the wide variety of people, organisations and communities who have benefited from the gift of Legacy Tickets to the Commonwealth Games.

“Through the allocation of Legacy Tickets, our key partners are recognising the fantastic contribution individuals make to their communities and they are an important part of the inspiring experience we hope many will have this summer.

“I hope that Joanne, Peter, John and Alan have a wonderful time at the Games and will treasure the memories for years to come.”


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