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Lantern Walk

Lantern Walk is an ideal family activity that takes people on an unforgettable journey through their local wood in the dark. It’s also a fun night time activity that will get your kids outside, moving around and connecting with nature. So take advantage of the dark nights and share an evening stroll with your kids. 

But first, you need to make colourful lanterns.

Here’s how in 10 simple steps.

You will need:

  • White glue
  • A balloon
  • A cup or bowl
  • Tissue paper (different colours)
  • String or wire
  • Candle or battery powered light
  1. Blow up a balloon and tie string to the end (for the drying stage)
  2. Tear up pieces of coloured tissue paper
  3. Soak each piece with glue mixture and smooth it onto your balloon. Sit your balloon on a cup or bowl to prevent it rolling around
  4. Continue to add wet tissue paper strips over the whole balloon, leaving an open spot at the top of the balloon
  5. Add extra layers to the bottom of the balloon; it needs to be strong enough to hold a candle or battery powered light
  6. Once the whole balloon is covered leave it to dry for a day or two
  7. Once dry, pop the balloon and remove from your lantern
  8. Cut around the opening to create a nice even circle
  9. Use a hold punch or pencil to make two holes on either side of the lantern. Use string or wire to add a handle
  10. Gently place a candle or battery powered light in the lantern to create a glow effect
This should inspire the whole family to get creative, engage with art in the natural environment and encourage you to enjoy the darker side of woods. Just remember to wrap up warm and wear suitable footwear.
To find out where your nearest Commonwealth Wood is click here.

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